"Your Time Is Your Life Don’t Waste It Working Manually"

Schobot Will Do Most Of The Heavy Lifting For You And Save Your Effort And Time

The Perfect Toolkit For Researchers:

Advanced Search Engine

High Quality Converter

Deep Translation

Easy To Use

Advanced Search Engine:

Schobot has a very advanced search engine designed for researchers. You can upload selected papers or books in pdf, word or image format related to your research and only search inside these resources.

High Quality Converter:

Most scientific papers are published in pdf format, Schobot can read pdf files of different encoding types even it is based on images and convert them into editable text so you can export it into word file.

Deep Translation:

Schobot has a very professional deep translation service. This will allow you to use resources written in different languages.

Save Weeks of Untargeted Reading And Only Read What Matters

All At Once Search:

In the index page you can add all the titles and subtitles of your research, click one button and Schobot will find related information under each title and subtitle.

Everything Is Organized:

Schobot gives you all the options you need to organize your work. You can delete the results you don’t like, save drafts, use another search formula for different results and export the final report in word format.

It Is Simple As This:

You Are Few Clicks Away From Finding The Information You Need To Write Your Research